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From creating a brand new piece to applying all kind of arrangements to an existing theme. Compose music specifically for your projects, working with the feelings or mood that are needed. In addition, the possibility to add different arranges to a theme to achieve a similar style or, on the contrary, develop an opposite mash-up. Even create a theme very similar to another one, working with look-alikes.

Essentially, there is always compromise and commitment to create something unique and special that fits your project taking care of every step in the composition and arrangement process.

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Composition of theme pieces for television programs working with a wide range of sound palettes to adjust the topic and characteristics of each show and string along with the visuals.

Wide experience working in commercials creating themes for different companies and product launches, resulting in pieces that stand out for their variety (from lullabies to pop, electronic or orchestra songs) and adaptability to every particular project.

Adaptation of already made music that requires an upgrade or simply a different version from the original.

Port Aventura Spot Made to Remember 2023

Iberostar Spot You do You

Vueling Spot Viaje de Vuelta a la Navidad 2021

Juanola Spot Própolis con Maribel Verdú 2019

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