Composing, performing & producing out of passion

Before anything else, I am a musician and passionate about music. I have studied music since 1994 when I started playing guitar, but many more instruments and academic education have come after that. This is the reason why I was able to start making music adopting new roles and projects as performer, composer, music director or arranger.

I love working with music creating pieces of all kinds that stood up in quality, variety, dedication and celerity.

Degree in Jazz

Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya (ESMUC), 2007. Bass professor: Phd. Gary Willis.

Diploma in Modern Music Specialist

L’Aula de Música Moderna i Jazz, Fundació Conservatori del Liceu. Berklee College of Music associated School, 2002.

Broadway World Award (2017)

As Best Musical for Sugar, con faldas y a lo loco

Premios Max de teatro (2017)

Finalist as Best Musical for Sugar, con faldas y a lo loco

Butaca Awards (2017)

As Best Musical for Molt soroll per no res

Critics Awards (2016)

As Best Musical for Sugar, con faldas y a lo loco

Copons Jazz Festival Award (2004)

As Second Best Band

Cubelles Jazz Festival Award (2004)

As Second Best Band and Special Mention

New Talent’s Jazz Festival Reus (2002)


If you see me (2020)

Dušan Jevtović

Play (2016)

Diana Palau & Joel Moreno

Fight with your best weapons (2014)


Resolution (2014)

Xavi Reija

Am I walking wrong? (2013)

Dušan Jevtović

Postcards from New York (2010)


On the edge (2009)

Dušan Jevtović

Rithual (2008)

Xavi Reija

Dreamland (2006)

Xavi Reija

DVD Live at Casa Murada (2009)

Xavi Reija

Gritaré (2013)


Mal te veo (2007)

Rafa Pons

Clases de baile (2006)

Aurora Beltrán

Cantautar (2006)


Me pone (2005)

Alfonso Mora

Paper Romance (2010)

Groove Armada, Remix by GarcyNoise

Jumping to another planet (2009)


Sticks & Stones (2006)

Soul Galaktik

Primer round (2006)

Paco Ozú

The game of life (2003)

RMS Once


BeHer3 is my more personal music project. Its identity has grown hand in hand with me during his long career, becoming a singular quintet, with two guitars and two drums, surrounded by a universe of music fusion. The sound aesthetics fluctuate between jazz, progressive rock and electronic music and are influenced by bands like Tribal Tech, Weather Report, Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, Dream Theater, The Yellowjackets, Apparat or Squarepusher.

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Youtube Channel

Neuf is an audiovisual show ensembled by a jazz-fusion trio, a string quartet, a disc-jockey and a video-jockey. The title of this Project, Neuf, is a game on words between French translation of number “nine” (there are in total 9 artists involved) and the adjective “new”. With a one hour repertoire of original new tunes, between electronic music, jazz, rock and elements of classical and contemporary music. The show has no interruptions or cuts, the musical fragments are linked one after another to créate the perfect match with images and music.

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